Pipe Repair in St. Louis. Waterlines occasionally require replacements to ensure that they function correctly, and pipes can become corroded which leads to leaky pipes. Pinhole leaks caused by corrosion materials such as oxygen and high calcium levels in water can be difficult to detect, but our Pipe Repair Plumbers in St. Louis have the tools and knowledge to find problems in your home’s plumbing system and repair them quickly.

Common Pipe Repairs in St. Louis

Burst or frozen pipes can cause serious damage in your home, such as stained walls, ruined floors, cabinetry, insulation and much more. The faster you act with contacting our Pipe Repair Plumbers in St. Louis, the less water damage there will be in your home. Your best option for dealing with flowing water while waiting for our pipe repair plumbers is to immediately shut off the water flow to your home. This will stop the water from flowing out of the burst pipe and limit further damage from being done to your home.

If your pipes are frozen, it is best to leave faucets slightly dripping to relieve pressure from the pipes and allow for water to escape once they do thaw. Clogged drains are a common issue that can lead to pipe repair in St. Louis homes. Pipes can easily become clogged due to food and hair collecting in drains and clogging up pipes. Grease is another culprit when it comes to clogged drains. In the event that your pipes clog up, it is important to immediately call our St. Louis Pipe Repair Plumbers to prevent further damage from being done to your pipes.

How Can Pipe Repair in St. Louis Be Prevented in My Home?

While not all pipe issues can be prevented, some tips to protect your home's pipes are to:

  • Install food and hair screens in your bathroom and kitchen sinks, and bathtub.
  • Never pour grease down the drain. Pour it into a bowl, and discard grease in the trash.
  • If food or hair does clog a sink or tub, use a sink plunger to release the buildup.
  • Check the rubber connection hoses on your washing machine. Over time, they can dry out and crack leading to water damage.
  • Keep the heat on during the winter. This can help prevent pipes from freezing.
  • Most serious leaks do not happen overnight. To prevent serious plumbing issues, it is important to schedule a yearly maintenance check with our local licensed plumbing contractors.

Emergency Pipe Repair in St. Louis

While our Pipe Repair Plumbers in St. Louis can locate and fix a problem in your home’s plumbing system, it is important to know what to do until they arrive. In a pipe repair emergency, it is essential to stop the flow of water immediately. To do this, you and every member of your household needs to know where the shut off valve on every fixture is located. To shut off a shut-off valve in your house, turn it clockwise. These valves are usually located underneath sinks and toilets, and behind washing machines. In the event that there is no shut off valve, or there isn’t a problem with a particular fixture or appliance, use the main shut off valve to shut off the water to the entire house by turning it clockwise. This will be located inside your home where the water supply enters into the house.

How Can a Pipe Repair Plumber in St. Louis Diagnose and Repair My Home's Pipes?

If your home is experiencing a slow drain or water damage from a burst or cracked pipe, our Pipe Repair Plumbers in Missouri use a drain camera to inspect your home’s pipes and water/sewer lines. A drain camera is fed through an entrance to your home’s plumbing system, such as a toilet or other entry point, and will then record what is happening in your plumbing system. This drain camera inspection can detect broken, cracked or collapsed pipe, corrosion, leaking joints, root infiltration from trees, off-grade pipe and more. After performing the drain camera inspection, our Pipe Repair Plumbing Contractors in St. Louis will repair your pipe's quickly. Our plumbers have the experience and equipment needed to fix your pipes effectively, and can prevent further damage from being done to your home.

If you need pipe repair services in St. Louis, call (636) 742-2533 or Contact Us to ensure that your home is protected by our pipe repair plumbers in St. Louis, MO as soon as possible.